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Wood TV Stands – A Must-Have Home Furniture

If you are in search for a television stand that is sturdy and durable, why not consider purchasing one of the many wood TV stands available today. They are beautiful and are made of high quality wood. They come in different styles, sizes and designs so that people with different tastes can pick the one that best suits their needs. Wood Television stands offer advantages that TV stands made from other types of materials can not. They are usually preferred by more consumers because of the elegance and luxury that they can bring to living rooms. They exude that creative vibe which makes them the ideal decorative furniture for houses. Since they are made of wood, they provide a more natural, organic and homey feel to your homes. They also have that old-fashioned thing going on. They can make your home interiors unique and admirable. People who like the classic look should get one.

Wood Television stands can last for a longer time compared to TV stands that are made of metal or glass. Wood gains more charm and character as it ages. It is versatile. It can look antique even if it is not, and it can be made to look extravagant even if it is just your ordinary kind of wood. If you have finally decided to get yourself a wood TV stand, choose those that are made from strong hardwood like maple, cherry and oak. These trees can definitely withstand temperature or humidity changes. They do not easily wear or rot.

You might find wood TV stands to be more expensive than the others. That should not be a big issue because they are good investments. They can be part of your lives for many years. A TV stand made of wood is a valuable furniture that you should have in your home.

Don’t Let a Minor Medical Problem Wreck Your Travel Plans

Back pain, viral illnesses and minor foot problems are common among stressed out travelers. But all of these common health problems are preventable. These tips for healthy travel can help you avoid a minor medical disaster on your next trip.


Many vacationers dress for the beach when they should dress for the plane. Sandals don’t generally have as much support as casual shoes. The 26 bones in your feet need good support when winding through the crowds in an airport. Wear comfortable casual shoes. Remember that if you are in an aisle seat, cold air will be blowing right on your feet. Enclosed shoes are best.

Onboard the plane, prepare for changing temperatures. That aluminum tube parked on the tarmac can get unbearably hot. Once in the air, it can get chilly. Wear layers that you can shed or put back on to stay comfortable.

The biggest drop in cabin temperature happens when the plane is climbing to altitude. This is also when the captain has the “fasten seat belt” sign illuminated. Keep an extra sweater or fleece top with your carryon bag at your feet. That way you won’t have to wait until you are free to move about the cabin to warm up again.


Have you ever been waiting for your luggage and noticed some little old lady running sideways struggling to wrestle a huge suitcase off a moving carousel? Heavy bags can easily strain your back. Bring as little as necessary. Use the hotel laundry service and you won’t have to bring a full week of outfits.

If your suitcase feels heavy when you lift it in your bedroom, it is going to be much worse when you are trying to extract it from the circling pile of luggage surrounded by a crowd of travelers. Split the load into two suitcases. It is worth the additional bag fee to travel pain-free.


An unhealthy travel diet is one of the most avoidable stressors to your immune system. The overpriced fast food choices in the airport are packed with immune sapping preservatives. The snacks on the plane are just as bad.

Eat a healthy meal right before you leave home. Avoid the airport food court altogether. Pack snacks in your carry-on bag. Bring a healthy sandwich, fresh fruit or energy bar. That way you’ll be able to wait until you can enjoy a good meal at your final destination.

Stay hydrated! The decreased cabin pressure in an airplane accelerates dehydration. Drink eight ounces of water every hour on the plane to fight dehydration. If you do, you will have more energy and you will be less vulnerable to viral illnesses.


Get plenty of sleep the week before you go. Don’t stay up late packing the night before your departure. Be organized and pack a day ahead. Hit the rack early and you’ll feel supercharged when you head out of town.

Try to rest during flight. A travel blindfold can help you sleep if the person next to you wants to enjoy the view with the window shade raised. Just don’t expect a bouncy cat nap in an airline seat to substitute for a good night’s rest.

The goal of your vacation is to enjoy as much of the destination as possible. Whether you are snow skiing, lounging at the beach or strolling through cafes and museums, you need sleep. Try not to stay up to the wee hours watching movies in the hotel room.


If you get sick or have an allergy attack, don’t spend precious vacation time in a crowded doctor’s waiting room or hunting for medications. Bring all of your prescription medication and an extra couple of days worth. If a flight gets cancelled or you decide to stay an extra day, you won’t need refills.

Bring emergency medications like over-the-counter pain relievers (Ibuprofen or Tylenol) and something for allergies or a running nose like Benadryl (which can also help you sleep). Pack anti-itch hydrocortisone cream. You’ll have 90% of the common travel problems covered. Ask your doctor which medications would be best for you.

If its something more serious, ask the concierge if the resort offers on-site medical services. If not, do a quick internet search to find a doctor who makes urgent house calls to hotels. Considering the hourly cost of a vacation, these options are more cost effective than heading into town to a doc-in-the-box.

A little planning can go a long way to making the most of your vacation. Follow these tips and you’ll get the most out of your next trip, wherever your final destination may take you.

Small Business Marketing Successes

The 21st century and the global recession have certainly put the cat among the pigeons where small business is concerned but there are many straightforward no-cost and low-cost solutions for small businesses to maintain and even increase market share.

As small retailers find they cannot compete against giant conglomerates they eventually close their doors unless they can offer more to their clients. This is only done with smart promoting and offering more value and a better experience to the local shopper.

So, what’s the answer for small business survival?

People who’ve got a brick and mortar business have a huge challenge on their hands particularly if they sell anything that is also at the giant chains.

To sell the product successfully, you have got to be an expert in your field and unique in what you do. You must provide best buyer services to attract and retain clients.

3 of the things large box stores don’t offer are uniqueness, experience and buyer service. These are the same 3 things that a local business can and should provide.

Shopping at small local businesses is a matter of small community sustainability, because they’re the core of a community. they family, neighbors and friends, they are invested in the community professionally and personally.

Its astonishing how many small businesses don’t consider it necessary to have a website. They perhaps are not aware Google essentially loves small business and always will pull a small business to the apex of a search page, just by somebody putting in the name of a town and whatever they are on the lookout for.

This is an enormous advantage to a business owner. Make use of local directories, for example through the local Chamber of Commerce, where you can list your internet site, frequently for a small fee or for free.

Many small business owners are convinced that starting and maintaining a site will cost them a lot of money and is difficult. But that is not correct.

Cheap construction and upkeep of website has itself has now become a small scale industry. There is often a local resident who would love to support the community by assisting you with a very low cost business online presence. Some communities have taken this on to revive and support local community amenities.

You will need to buy a domain name (GoDaddy is a good option) for your website address to get started, then the rest is just a simple process of getting hosting for a small monthly fee (I like to use HostGator for this) You can set up your website directly from Now you are in business online

Now All a small local business needs is a Google map of where they are, a page explaining what they do, a section that gives opening hours and contact details, some great photos and perhaps a history of the business and that is it!

Add an opt in box and you have provided yourself an opportunity to promote a monthly newsletter to send out, coupons can be sent and sales announced, and with the addition of some affiliate advertizing the site can basically make the business owner some additional money even after covering the minor costs concerned.

The goal of marketing is always to build a list of loyal customers that can be contacted and provided with information about the best deals available at your local small business.

A business website must provide exceptional customer service, helpful info and must market itself as a unique brand like any other business

While it is often difficult to compete with big business, tough competition means you must use well thought out online marketing ideas and SEO strategy, particularly to build a subscribers list.

Keep in mind that the goal of marketing is always to build a list of loyal customers that can be contacted and provided with the best deals available right at your back door in your own community at your local small business.